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Unique Bridal Dresses From Gazel Bridals

Lovingly designed in Nottingham

Gazel Bridals Ltd is a bridal design brand in Britain. We create meticulously-crafted wedding dresses for brides-to-be. Our services extend to bespoke bridesmaids dresses and evening wears, it all starts with you. You'll know what you want and what looks best on you, you may have even been to bridal shops already. Regardless, we have the expertise to put something together that you will love.


​With your ideas, and our know-how we will create bridal wear that you'll be proud to wear. Every bride-to-be knows exactly how they want to feel in their wedding dress. It is a feeling that lingers even long after the big day. We are here to create your dream dress to give you that feeling you deserve.


All our bridal wear is unique, and specific to the needs of our clients. No two dresses are ever the same, so you can rest assured you're getting the best of the best. Why not have a read about how our consultations work?

Our latest collection

woman in a long flowing wedding dress
Wedding dress from the back
Woman sat in a wedding dress
A close up of two women in wedding dresses

The bridal wear that YOU want

Whether you're looking for your fairy-tale dress or you want something classic. We'll work with you to design the vision you have for your dress. Designed only for you. With us, you'll have our personal attention throughout.


Not sure what you're wanting, or need some inspiration on what you would like? Your wedding dress will always have you in mind. From unique wedding dresses, to bridesmaids dresses or evening wear. Whatever you need from us, we'll be sure to work with you.


You'll walk away with a unique wedding dress that meets and exceeds your expectations. Not only that, but our bridal wear will wow your family and friends. Let us help you make the wedding dress of your dreams a reality. So why not get in touch or book a consultation today?

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